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Princess Charming

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Some men need a Princess Charming. Some men don't know how to love the way you need him to. Maybe he's scared of rejection, of being laughed at, of doing it wrong. Maybe he tried once or twice or a hundred times, before you, with you, and it ended in a disaster that he's unable to recover from.
Or maybe he just doesn't know.
You can help him. Show him. You can be to him what you want him to be to you. Submit yourself to being the woman HE needs. To help him defeat his fears and help him become the man he longs to be.
I don't know one decent man that doesn't want to be a good husband.



Keeper of the Heart

Reblogged from Love Letters for the Dark:


A husband is a provider. A protector. But he is also the keeper of his wife’s heart.Therefore, it is your duty to study her carefully. Communicate your love with touch at every chance. If you want her to KNOW how much you love her, really know it with the deepest part of her, then you need to speak in the way words cannot, you must show her with all that you are, make her FEEL it.

A sensual slide of your finger along her wrist, or a firm grip and sharp yank back for a third kiss, because you need her to FEEL that you need her more, more, nothing is really enough.

Give her a naughty groan to remind her what she does to you. Grab her face in both hands and whisper, “Look into my eyes. I want to soul kiss with you.” Then enjoy the joyful laughter that brings.

Spank her ass when she doesn’t have time to stop, to let her FEEL you’re need. Other times, insist she does. Chase her, catch her, pin her arms to the wall, her body with yours. Gobble up her neck loudly until she’s screaming and confessing the silliness you command she say that you cannot live without another second. Then kiss her softly to remind her how safe she is with you. How much you cherish HER.

The heart of your wife is the fire of her soul. If you want to see her happy and thriving, her beautiful eyes twinkling, see that one certain smile you love to see, the one that steals your breath…then take care to sear and enflame her with your passion every day. MAKE HER FEEL IT.